I’m a scientist, with a background in physics, neuroscience, education, planetary science, and especially machine learning. My biggest claim to fame is that I invented diffusion-based generative models. My most interesting job requirement is that I once had to wake and sleep based on Martian sunrise and sunset for three months.

Now that I’ve established that I have credentials in machine learning, and in keeping strange hours, I intend to use this blog to share thoughts on things that are neither of those. If I do a good job, the blog will contain interesting speculation at the edge of my expertise – promising half-baked ideas that are adjacent to my day job, but too weird or incomplete to turn into a paper. More likely, the blog will be like when celebrity actors start expressing strong opinions on fiscal policy, except without the benefit of starting out as a celebrity. Either way, exciting posts to come!

If you want a more professional summary of my work, check out my scholar page or my out-of-date-but-slightly-more-professional website.